Everything vibrates and is made of energy. This energetic vibration is the foundation of all life.

All of our experiences, thoughts, and feelings are stored in our electromagnetic field and effect our vibration and energy patern. Just like the anatomy of our physical body, the anatomy of our spiritual body is very organized and inseperable from our physical anatomy.

The chakras are energy information centers that store all of our experiences from our senses, thoughts, emotions and feelings. Each center is organized or structured to store and contain specific experiences as well as their mental and emotional energy. Each center has its own prime directive, purpose or view point.

We access and utilize the energy (thoughts, feelings, experiences) that are stored in each center to engage with each other and the world. We interact with other people and our environment through our senses which are informed and directed by the energy body that has many view points.

Chakras can be thought of as programs which are lodged in our cells and direct our thoughts, belief systems, reactions and habits.

By becoming aware of our chakra programs and understanding their powerful influence we gain valuable insight into our thoughts, emotions, feelings and behavior. This insight empowers us to be more responsible and to take a more participatory role in the creative process of being who we are.

Color can be used diagnostically to identify and heal mental, emotional and energetic blocks that are hindering wellness and can be used as guiding lights to show you where you are in regard to your life purpose.

Color can also be used therapeutically to release the restriction of narrow mental habits and help us to be more flexible in our thinking.

Chakras and Meditation

By working with color through meditation and color imagery visualizations we can create opportunities for personal growth that helps to reprogram chakra content and release unfavorable aspects about ourselves, negative habits and thoughts that can cause illness and keep us from experiencing peace, health and joy in life.  

Color Breathing

In essence color breathing uses the breath as a vehicle upon which the energy of color can be placed and movedthroughout the body to promote healing from within, as well as around the outside of the body, in the auric field, to form a protective barrier.  

Color Imagery

Essentially, color imagery involves imagining color around the body. Color is inherently connected to our thoughts and feeling and can be used to elicit changes in our perspective which subsequently influences our emotions.  Each color has its own affect and can be utilized to bring about desired changes.