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Learn How to Use Color Visualization

Cleansing ourselves and our Aura: The Healing Power of Light and Breath

Personal power is the foundation of a healthy life. I can see a persons’ relationship to their personal power and how this power is managed to support their body and guide their spirit. It is this relationship between body, mind and spirit that has influence over our life choices. With my clairvoyant insight into life, both past and present, I can interpret this energetic relationship and help you see and recognize issues or problems in your life and the accompanying stress that can lead to illness.

Everyday there is a need to cleanse the auric field that contains the body mind and spirit. With color visualization, meditation and breath work we can work on every cell in our body and every level of our mind and heart to cleanse the toxins, negativity of fear, failure to trust, over-attachment and ingratitude. By breathing in the light, through color visualization, we breathe out the energy that is stale and static.

My questions to you are:

Do you wish to work with your soul on a deeper level of inner development in these times of change?

Would you like to learn techniques to nurture yourself and awaken your personal gifts?

With my clients I look primarily at their inner beauty, and work from there. This is the most important factor in healing, but there are others. There may be a block or obstacle which I can see. For example: Do we really want to get well? Is there a fear of being well and not being able to cope without the props?


Emotional baggage can create a veil between your awareness and true vision. Pre-judgement and concepts about “how life is” and “how things are” can blind you to the truth. Old wounds may flair up to sabotage efforts to change your life for the better. Only you can do the work of exposing your illusions and revealing your true vision.

It is possible to understand our patterns and to plan for the future to move forward. I can show you how to envision your life the way that you would like it to be and teach you how to use color visualization, meditation and breath work to make the changes that you want.

I believe, we are being guided to understand our self more fully, to understand, to recognize and acknowledge all aspects and qualities of the self. With an understanding of how to use color we can gain a broader view of our life,maintain a sense of well-being and walk through life with empowered steps.

Release the Past

The color pale orange helps us to understand what lies behind sickness and dis-ease.  The solution  lies within our attitude. I can teach you how to use color visualization and breathing techniques to change your attitude and thinking and then you can change the patterns of life. These methods work on patterns of tension at a deep level.I can help undo the problem and find the gifts.


Many relationships fail because we are simply unaware of our inner dynamics. For example: The pace and the growth of a relationship is dependent upon on how openly we behave toward one another. We must learn how to initiate the flow of feelings. Sometimes we are afraid to make transition from internal feelings to outward expression. Fear deepens the flow of emotions so relationships cannot flourish in its presence. It is my goal to empower each person to feel their own power, to communicate with their higher self and live a joyful and fulfilling life.

chakra color soul ray reading

chakra color soul ray reading