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The powers of discernment, judgement and decision making exist within the realms of the astral body. There are two components: the Buddhi and Ahamkara. The Ahamkara is what we identify with as our ego. It is the “I maker”, where we have self-consciousness. The Buddhi mind is what we access when there is a need to make a decision. It is this realm where there is the ability to gain understanding and the ability to apply free will. In this realm we can ask: Who am I? What is the goal of life? Is there a higher reality? If so, how do I get there?  Developing this part of our self is what helps us to move along a spiritual path and to live consciously.

In the astral body the mind gathers together all the information from our experiences and creates our history, the story of who we are. Our stories, are stored in the body within the chakras. Each chakra has its own ‘viewpoint’ and contains specific experiences and their mental/emotional content. Chakra means ‘wheel’ in Sanskrit. These “Wheels of Light” form together to generate the aura, the electromagnetic field that is the physical manifestation of the content of the mind combined with the soul.

Chakra Work involves: 1. locating where consciousness and energy is moving or stuck in the body to understand how we are relating to the world and 2. how to make a mental or cognitive adjustment for an optimal energetic flow. If there is disturbance in the flow of energy that is not attended to then the discomfort of our spirit will manifest into the physical matter of our body. Dis-ease of the spirit turns into disease in the body.

How we think about or perceive our self is one of the most important factors that regulate this flow of energy. The more we discover about our self and look at our patterns: thoughts, emotions, and personal habits, we can gain insight into a specific situation or the circumstances in our life. When we can recognize patterns we have more information and understanding into what is happening in our life.  We become EMPOWERED and we can exercise our will more effectively to get more of what we want.

With my gift of clairvoyance I am able to see the auric field and identify which chakras are either over or under stimulated. Because each chakra has own directive, this increase or decrease in the energetic flow shows what area of the thought process can be adjusted. I will help you to have a greater self-awareness so that you can make corrections to the imbalances of the ego that underlie disharmony in your life. This is the process of soul development and awakening. Call me to begin your Journey through the Chakras and to learn how to design the life you want with Color Therapy.

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