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Chakra Color Meditation

Chakra Meditation Workshops

Color meditation and breath techniques connect us to our emotions. When we feel more open in our hearts we begin to live more in the present moment and we experience an increase in the feelings of joy and love.

In the Chakra Color Meditation workshop Irene teaches how to use color visualization techniques to identify where your energy flow is low or blocked. You will learn how to create an image and develop the ability to hold the image in your mind. This can change your mood, concentration or level or focus, your attitude and give you more creativity.

Color visualization can serve as a vibration remedy that will interact with your energy systems. When you feel balanced you can be more effective in your work, relationships and passions. In the Chakra Color Meditation workshop Irene explains the meanings and characteristics of color and how to utilize their energetic vibration to impact your life in a positive way.

With an understanding of color you can fine tune your intuition to a higher degree of perception. With practice and trust you can develop a relationship with your inner knowing, move beyond the ego and to a level of “Yes, I know!” which will make you more flexible and empower you to be more responsible for yourself.

With the awareness of the influence of color you will no longer have a limited view of your life. A limited view gives the way the power of our true self to others and diminishes our inner beauty and sense of well being.

Through color visualization: If you are tired you will be able to have more energy. If you are anxious you will be able to feel more relaxed. You can gain insight into different facets of your life.

Understanding the characteristics of color: Can show you what your mission in life is. Will reveal the talents that you have. Can Empower you to overcome obstacles that are in your way. Will help you to have more joy in everyday life.

We all have the ability to use creative visualization on a daily basis. All it takes is a little practice. A few minutes of practice leaves one feeling renewed physically, mentally, emotionally and elevated spiritually. With a regular practice the benefits grow and deepen bringing fundamental improvement in health, our state of mind and our relationships with others.

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