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Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, everyone wants more happiness and peace. What keeps us from increasing the qualities in our lives is stress.  Stress gets stored as toxins and negative emotions in the mind, but most people are unaware of the degree which stress is influencing their lives. So people learn to cope with stress and settle for limited peace and joy. When the mind can rest deeply, stress gets released.

Energy is constantly changing on all levels, Universal, Personal and Devine. Mankind is undergoing many changes in vibrational frequencies.  We have to achieve a point of equilibrium within ourselves as well.  I believe, we are being guided to understand our self more fully, to understand, to recognize and acknowledge all aspects and qualities of the self.

My question to you is, who wishes to work with their soul on a deeper level of inner development in these times of change?  We are all aware that is not on the outside, but within, and when we are quiet enough to catch a reflection of our energy field. Is it possible to nurture your true nature?  Yes, it is possible for us to learn to use techniques for self awakening.

Irene is a certified clairvoyant that has the ability to see when people are experiencing problems in their lives. Problems are manifested in the auric field (the magnetic energy field that surrounds the body) and in the chakras (the energy in the body the creates the auric field).  Problems like illness and stress are projected in a person’s energetic auric field as variations in color and shades of lightness and darkness.Irene’s ability to perceive these color variations gives her insight into the nature of the problems people are being challenged with. Through her work with color, guided imagery meditation, reiki and personal counseling she is able to guide people to a deeper understanding of themselves and help rearrange the energy patterns in the body and the mind to create harmony. The benefits are: improved perception, enhanced observation skills, expanded personal expression and more creativity.

Irene works with people to develop wholesome, realistic and healthy self images and lives.  In addition to being a natural clairvoyant Irene is an Aura-Soma practitioner and a Reiki Master with extensive training in the Art of Living Kriya Yoga Breathing techniques. Irene has worked with Fortune 500 companyes, colleges and universities throughout the country and is available for personal and phone consultations.

 Contact Irene to learn how to use colors to make changes that you want in your life. 


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